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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Isn't it Nice to be Back?

Its been a long time huh? My last post was a very sad one 3 months ago. Wow! It's that long!

A week after my last post, I got a new job. Still in a call center though. New company, new account, new location. I am now working in Makati City. I've been working my ass 6days a week to meet my target salary and pay all the bills etc...

So far, I am loving the job but of course I cannot describe what I am doing there (My boss might be reading this! ssshhh!!) I am just happy to say that from the last post, everything is different now. A lot better actually. It's like a blessing in disguise. A proof that the window is where good air comes in.

The only thing I misses much is my running activity. The last run I did was way back July. My new work schedule doesn't allow me to join any running event (yes, I have a Saturday night going Sunday morning shift!).But that was before, Until I thought of giving out my schedule or swapping it with someone so that I can join at least 1 - 2 runs per month. Just last Sunday I was able to try it already. I swapped sched with a colleague and I was able to run with my family at the Milo Marathon National finals. This is my husband and my daughters first running event and I am so damn proud that they finished 5k uninjured and with a big smile on their faces.

It was the best family day for me so far! I love that my family joined me in this run. The best 5k ever! Hopefully they'll join me again in the future at longer distances!

Then here's what we got after reaching the finish line: 

a Finishers certificate...

..and Ashly practicing running to join us in the future! Haha!
So everything is cool with my life now, back to work, back to running and back to blogging. Yeah, It is so nice to be back...

Monday, August 1, 2011

If a door is closed, A window will open

I've been jobless since I graduated.

I took care of our family business and got married after. My husband didn't allow me to work so I could take care of our kids.

Then came last year when my second daughter keeps on getting sick and my first daughter started going to school. I decided to break a leg and search for a job.

I became a Technical Support Representative in one of the biggest BPO Company here in the Philippines. I did everything to perform well in this job. Its pretty hard at first though because this is my very first fulltime job. First time in the corporate world.

I got culture shocked honestly. Everything is different. But I managed to do what I am expected to do while at work. I did everything I can to provide the best customer service experience for my customers.

There are just some things that we cant over rule.

Yesterday, I lost the very first job that I loved. I wasn't eligible for regularization. The news the broke my heart.

Well, I am very much aware of my weaknesses. I know every thing that is going on and somehow I am expecting this. But not this fast. And besides, I am still hopeful that I will make it. Unfortunately, I didn't.

Tomorrow is a new day. I am going back to that company to start arranging my clearance, exit interview and everything. Hopefully I could still be rehired in a different account or something in just a short time. If not, I might go ahead and search for another opportunities outside this company that I so loved.

I gotta work and I gotta have it quick! I cant stay jobless no more. My husband needs me, my kids need me. I have obligations.

This thing that happened to me is so sad. I have expectations as well and I have big plans working here but... this happened.

I gotta move on... Face the future... Search that window... and learn from the past...

If you had this experience before, how did you get up from it? Until now I still feel the bitterness inside me. I admit. I feel down. I feel like I am a failure. But I know in my mind that I gotta do something, and I gotta do it fast!

The Future Runner

I love this pic. My daughter Ashly loves to wear my running shoes!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Emily's First Audition (Unang Rampa)

Yesterday, my husband and I planned to bring the kids to Tiendesitas. But before going there, I asked him if we can drop by SM Megamall first because I have something to buy at Tobys. He said yes so there, we went to Megamall first. My husband remembered the ice skating rink so he said maybe we can try to go there and ask Emily if she wants to try it. When we get there, we found out that there is no more Ice Skating Rink there but a Stage where an audition for SM Little Star Talent search is going on.

Emily got so excited with the toys around, the clothes and the stage with big pictures of kids. She said she wants to join! So I was like, "are you sure you wanna join?" I even asked her a thousan times! And she answered me a thousand YES! So there I was the stage mother on the next level beside the very supportive daddy of all time. A 200 proof of purchase was required to register and since this is unplanned, we went ahead and looked for the dress she wants to wear. While daddy is paying for that dress I am still asking my daughter if she is really decided to join and my mind was panicking what is she gonna do there and how are we gonna prepare for it in about less than an hour!

Daddy gave me the receipt as the proof of purchase so I went on and register Emily. On the registration table, they told me that a close up photo and whole body photo is also one of the requirements so there, I panicked again and thought where the hell are we gonna get that picture! The only picture of Emily that I have inside my wallet is her 1x1 ID picture! I saw a guard and ask him where is the nearest photo studio so we can go there and have Emilys picture taken. The guard said its on the 5th floor. We ran to the 5th floor to go to that studio. Emily loved the glass elevator by the way. She was like " Mommy, we are like flying!"

Here are Emilys picture for whole body and half body by the way. Sorry if you feel like there is no make up. I am not good in putting make up to others faces. Now I am thinking on studying how to do that because cases like this might happen again every time we are outside with Emily. Anything can happen you know. This picture took 30 min before it was printed out so I left the studio and go ahead to find the nearest record bar to grab the CD of what shes gonna sing.

The first choice that she wants is a tagalog song from the TV soap "Mutya" I wasnt able to find it so I grabbed the 2nd song that I know she can sing. That is the song "True Colors" original by Cyndi Lauper but the one that she knows is the Glee version. I already uploaded one of her vid singing that song in youtube.

When we went back to the studio to claim her pic, there are other moms with their kids there as well. Lining up for their kids picture taken. As soon as we got her pictures we immediately went back to the recreation area and submitted the registration form with Emilys pictures. A birth certificate is also required but they gave me an email address to where to send it later.

After the registration, I retouched Emilys make up because she needs to be interviewed or some sort before the audition. They took some photos and video of her holding one of the sponsors product.

When we joined the other contestants I got nervous for my daughter. Most of them are so ready to dive in and show everyone what they got! Some even have their costumes! I saw one who is wearing a hawaian outfit and she danced pearly shell. Most of the other kids danced as well. Some using Lady Gaga others are Shakira. A couple kids act and several sang. I saw one kid who played the violin.

I noticed the moms of the other kids who were like dancing as well at the audience area and their kids on stage are looking at them. I was like "OMG! Am I gonna do that?!" I am not used to this kinds of exposure for my daughter. Well, I post her vids on youtube but... not in front of other people! You know what I mean!

Finally, my daughters name was called. I dont know what to feel! I am excited and nervous! Like I was the one called! So there we are, Daddy prepared the camera and I waved to my daughter making sure that she knows we are watching her. Here is the video of her performance:

I am so proud of her!!! As soon as she went down that stage, I went ahead and pick her up, there is this little boy ahead of me who stole a kiss from Emily! I was so shocked when this little boy kissed my daughter on her cheek!!! I was speechless!!! Caught by surprise I really dont know what to do. I just said HI! and Thank You to that little boy. Hahaha!

Oh btw, if you noticed the music, that is not a minus one CD. I cant find any. Until now as I searched for it in youtube. So I made a video showing the preparation before that audition on stage. Its like the backstage event prior to the show haha! I will definitely cherish this memory, My family date turned to a stressful audition for Emily! Hahaha!

For those who are asking if she won. I dont think so. You see, we left early. Maybe a few minutes after her song. Because we are tied up with a meeting with someone in Tiendesitas so we didnt find out if she won or not. Its not that I didnt care or whatever. If she did win I am sure they will call me or my husband for that. And since they dont, still, I know in my heart, Emily is definitely a winner!

I so love the courage coming out of my daughter. The confidence. I am still blank on what will she become when she grows up. Well, its still something to find out in the future. I am just supporting her on whatever she wants to do. That what we parents are here for our kids right?

Here is the preparation video. Like or comment of you like my shirt! Hahaha! Its from bloggershirt.com. See how busy the mommy of this girl is. Find Emilys Manny Pacquiao Pose! please post the time in the comment section as well! Enjoy!

Friday, June 24, 2011

SEO TOOLS for 2011 - Wil Reynolds

I really have a lot of things to learn in blogging. This one somehow is just a past time for me. You know, if I dont feel like doing something, I just think of what to write and blog about it. Now, I saw this from one of my friends in facebook and the presentation kinda struck my attention. It is about SEO tools. I am still nose bleeding with this one but I still wanna share it here. Please enjoy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Blogging Coach???

If you like watching videos from youtube you shoud've seen one of her videos. She is so freaking hilarious and her videos are all addictive. I am talking about Jenna Mourey or JennaMarbles online. She is such a hot young lady who has million hits on her video channel.

Since I found her on youtube, I always keep a dose of her videos everyday. I just found this today and declaring that as a blogger myself, this will be my favorite JennaMourey Vlog! This is about Jenna Marbles as the Biggest Blogger Coach! This is like her version of being one of the coaches in the show "The Biggest Loser"

You should watch this video and I bet you'll crave for some more!

Without any further adieu here she is, Enjoy!

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