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Thank you for visiting the site!

My name is Lorinda. I am a Mom of 2 lovely angels and works as a Technical Customer Support Agent. I have several blogs running and I just decided to create a new one. Making experiment of a no niche blog. 

For the heads up, this blog might include of course the things that I love to do, my interests, my family and work life. I am running sometimes, so you would also get some reviews from the running events that I'll join. I love people around me and those that inspires me thats why I might include some if them as well. I am a consumer and I do sometimes join blog contests and that will make me write something about a particular product. Lastly as a person, sometimes I get hurt and I might share my sadness as well. 

Basically, posts here will be based on my sugar rush!

Now, why Yellow Sugar Rush?

Yellow is a color that symbolizes optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. Its not actually my favorite color, but I love what it means. I am starting to dwell on the positive sides of my life and hopeful to get something from it in return. I write original articles and I do it when I feel like writing. Sugar rush is still a myth if it really does increase your energy whenever you take in sugars and I am from a diabetic line so I am not really into sweets. But I cant promise to post here regularly because like I said, posts will be done if I have some sugar rush! Meaning, something to write about plus the energy to write it. 

I hope you go back here from time to time and dig in to some of my articles here for you. Subscribing here will also be appreciated and I love to read your comments on every posts! 

If you wanna get in touch, you can always send me an email at emaillorinda@gmail.com  

Oh btw, this is me when I was 3 :)

You can also visit my other blog at www.pinaymomjournal.com and www.intothefinishline.blogspot.com

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