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Monday, June 6, 2011

Heart Rate Monitor

I've got some gift certificate from Toby's and I really wanna buy a Heart Rate Monitor. I learned that Toby's only carry one particular brand for this and that is Polar. I don't have any idea on which one to buy yet because the only thing I know is that the budget is 5K. Hopefully I can find a good one for this amount. Anyone who can help me, please do leave it on the comments. No one wants to waste money for a piece of crap if ever I made a mistake in choosing one so guys...

In the meantime, I did some research about getting the right HRM though: 

Who Can Benefit from a Heart Rate Monitor?

"Casual joggers and walkers: Recreational exercisers can benefit from heart rate monitors in the same way as elite athletes do. By aiming for fat burning and aerobic target zones on your HRM, you can ensure that you get more out of your exercise time than you would get from a typical stroll around the block.
Runners: A heart rate monitor helps you run in your peak target zone on intense training days and keeps you at your aerobic base during easier sessions. Some HRMs can also alert you when you're dehydrating or are reaching a nutritional deficit.
Cyclists: Strap on a heart rate monitor to track your training performance during endurance, tempo and interval rides, whether you bike a road, trail or stationary trainer. Some models deliver more feedback via a cadence sensor or foot pod.
Hikers, climbers and skiers: On the way up, use a heart rate monitor to condition more effectively for a peak ascent. On the ride down, skiers can track their thrills while carving through powder.
Weight-loss participants: Heart rate monitors help with regular exercise and a sustainable dietary regimen, the cornerstones of any successful weight-loss program. Most models display calories burned during a workout; many can help you target your exercise for maximum fat-burning efficiency.
Injury-rehabilitation patients: Real-time feedback makes HRMs valuable for physicians and their patients recovering from an injury or an illness, including a cardiac incident. Such data can help ensure that your gradual return to full strength and endurance proceeds safely and steadily. Its lightweight, unobtrusive design makes a heart rate monitor easy to wear during normal activities as well as during exercise." 

Reading this very informative article makes me wanna go to the nearest Toby's store and grab one! But I really need to think twice or thrice before doing so. Thats why I pretty much searched for it first over the internet than searching straight inside their store because the impulsiveness in me might strike and end with a crappy one.

Is there anyone who is using a Polar HRM? What model are you using? For my budget, what would you suggest? Do I need to save some more to get a good one? Currently I am thinking of the Polar F4. Is this a good one already? 

Gahd! I really need some help! 

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