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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Running Mate

I haven't blogged about him yet. Since I got this baby last February 4, 2011. He is my running mate since then. The first race we ran together is my very first 21K run at the Condura SkyWay Marathon. I never had any injury since I got him. What I am talking about here? My best buddy - Nike Lunar Eclipse.

He wasn't my first choice though. That time, I am so hooked by Nike Lunar Glide. It turns out that for my footype, the Lunar Glide wont do good for me. So I went on to the second choice-turns out to be my best running mate. 

I never felt injured on all the races I joined with him. I never felt left out and betrayed. I always have a happy feet every time I step on that finish line. I was also amazed when I saw a picture of one of my idols wearing this kind of shoes. Jaymie Pizarro of thebullrunner.com
So that made me think, I never made a mistake on giving up on my first choice and going on to my second choice. Its a blessing in disguise. A destiny for my feet. A companion to my journey on physical fitness.

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