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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My New Baby

Like what I said in my previous post here, I need a Heart Rate Monitor. 

Well I never got any help though, so yesterday I decided to go at the Mall of Asia and gave a visit at Toby's. Gosh! Polars are quite expensive for my budget. Good thing theres this other brand for HRM that is a little less in price but good in quality.

I got the Sportline Solo 920. Pretty much below my budget, so I still got to buy a new running cap and socks to be able to spend all the GCs that I got. 

Look at this one while in my wrist :)
:)) Love it! 

Here are its features:

  • Patented One-Touch Technology
  • ECG accurate heart rate reading
  • No chest belt required
  • Programs your heart rate zone
  • Out-of-zone alarm
  • Measures calories burned
  • Time (12/24 Hour Setting)
  • Backlight
  • Alarm
  • Hourly chime
  • Chronograph
  • Calendar
  • Count-down timer
  • Large digital display
  • Water-resistant to 50 meters

I so love my new baby. Hopefully we work out together as well like my running shoes. These partners are my investments to myself getting fit and healthy.

O by the way, here are the other buddies that I got with the GCs:
my new runnr cap :)
3 pairs of Runnrs socks
Back of the packaging, zoom if you wanna see the price :)
Please leave a comment if I made the right choice or not ^_^

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