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Monday, August 1, 2011

If a door is closed, A window will open

I've been jobless since I graduated.

I took care of our family business and got married after. My husband didn't allow me to work so I could take care of our kids.

Then came last year when my second daughter keeps on getting sick and my first daughter started going to school. I decided to break a leg and search for a job.

I became a Technical Support Representative in one of the biggest BPO Company here in the Philippines. I did everything to perform well in this job. Its pretty hard at first though because this is my very first fulltime job. First time in the corporate world.

I got culture shocked honestly. Everything is different. But I managed to do what I am expected to do while at work. I did everything I can to provide the best customer service experience for my customers.

There are just some things that we cant over rule.

Yesterday, I lost the very first job that I loved. I wasn't eligible for regularization. The news the broke my heart.

Well, I am very much aware of my weaknesses. I know every thing that is going on and somehow I am expecting this. But not this fast. And besides, I am still hopeful that I will make it. Unfortunately, I didn't.

Tomorrow is a new day. I am going back to that company to start arranging my clearance, exit interview and everything. Hopefully I could still be rehired in a different account or something in just a short time. If not, I might go ahead and search for another opportunities outside this company that I so loved.

I gotta work and I gotta have it quick! I cant stay jobless no more. My husband needs me, my kids need me. I have obligations.

This thing that happened to me is so sad. I have expectations as well and I have big plans working here but... this happened.

I gotta move on... Face the future... Search that window... and learn from the past...

If you had this experience before, how did you get up from it? Until now I still feel the bitterness inside me. I admit. I feel down. I feel like I am a failure. But I know in my mind that I gotta do something, and I gotta do it fast!

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