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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Isn't it Nice to be Back?

Its been a long time huh? My last post was a very sad one 3 months ago. Wow! It's that long!

A week after my last post, I got a new job. Still in a call center though. New company, new account, new location. I am now working in Makati City. I've been working my ass 6days a week to meet my target salary and pay all the bills etc...

So far, I am loving the job but of course I cannot describe what I am doing there (My boss might be reading this! ssshhh!!) I am just happy to say that from the last post, everything is different now. A lot better actually. It's like a blessing in disguise. A proof that the window is where good air comes in.

The only thing I misses much is my running activity. The last run I did was way back July. My new work schedule doesn't allow me to join any running event (yes, I have a Saturday night going Sunday morning shift!).But that was before, Until I thought of giving out my schedule or swapping it with someone so that I can join at least 1 - 2 runs per month. Just last Sunday I was able to try it already. I swapped sched with a colleague and I was able to run with my family at the Milo Marathon National finals. This is my husband and my daughters first running event and I am so damn proud that they finished 5k uninjured and with a big smile on their faces.

It was the best family day for me so far! I love that my family joined me in this run. The best 5k ever! Hopefully they'll join me again in the future at longer distances!

Then here's what we got after reaching the finish line: 

a Finishers certificate...

..and Ashly practicing running to join us in the future! Haha!
So everything is cool with my life now, back to work, back to running and back to blogging. Yeah, It is so nice to be back...

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